New neighborhoods, a good long-term investment

At this moment we notice a great real estate offer and numerous projects being developed in both the Costa Blanca and Costa Calida. This offer is found in areas consolidated years ago for tourists and on the other hand in recently developed neighborhoods.

As land is a limited resource and popular holiday destinations have been built to meet the growing demand for housing, land prices have increased as a consequence. This data forms a scenario in which builders are forced to develop new land adjacent to older districts while maintaining price quality and want to offer a quality finish in their homes. 

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Cycling route through the natural park

Among the municipalities of Guardamar del Segura, Los Montesinos, Rojales and Torrevieja is this site of great importance both for the surrounding society and the conservation of the environment. The natural park is formed by two lagoons that combined occupy an area of ​​2,200 hectares. With a larger dimension and its characteristic color the Pink Lagoon of Torrevieja has been a place of salt extraction since the XIII century, while the one known as La Mata Lagoon retains a landscape less transformed by humans.

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“Nautilus” Restaurant: An idyllic place by the sea

Nautilus Restaurant facade

Continuing with our gastronomic section, this time we bring you another outstanding proposal both for its cuisine, service and its nice location by the sea. Nautilus Restaurant opened its doors back in 1975, however it has not been until a few years ago, specifically since 2011, that Nautilus Restaurant experiences a significant improve of its facilities, service and kitchen. A new direction and management make this place what it is today, a gastronomic reference on the coast of Torrevieja. By the hand of its manager Manu Dacosta, who had previously managed successfully for over ten years  “El Patio Andaluz”, Nautilus Restaurant begins a new ascending stage up to this day.

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Live the start of “La Vuelta a España” here in the Costa Blanca

For the sixth time in its history, on August 24th, the Costa Blanca will be the starting point of the Spanish tour, popularly known as “La Vuelta’’. The race is one of the most internationally recognized cycling competitions next to the Giro of Italy and just behind the Tour de France. Its history dates back to 1935 when a group of 50 cyclists left Madrid with their iron bicycles, puncture patches and tools to travel more than 3,400 km that made up the 14 stages of the race. It should be noted that the winner of the first and second tour was the Belgian Gustaaf Deloor born in De Klinge, a small town next to the Dutch border.

Gustaav Deloor 1936 – Second Tour Winner
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The Mystery of Torrevieja’s Pink Lake

This emblematic natural area of ​​the Costa Blanca is located in the Natural Park of Las Lagunas de la Mata and Torrevieja, a quiet place with more than 3,700 hectares to explore and with different well-marked routes and suitable for the whole family. Its salinity of 350 grams per liter of water is similar to that of the Dead Sea, but this fact does not prevent certain algae from growing at the bottom of its shallow waters. It is precisely these algae and the reaction they make with sunlight, that give the Lagoon that special tone that can vary from red to light lilac, so it is difficult to find two equal photos of this place.

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The best gastronomy in our area

Spain enjoys a very diverse culinary culture thanks to the cuisine of tradition and its own identity that each one of its many and different regions brings to it. The result is a long tradition and history, strongly influenced by the cultures of Arabs and Sephardic Jews during the time of conquest and later influenced by the new products brought from the new continent as a result of the discovery. The wide variety of products produced in rural and coastal areas, with its different landscapes and climates, give rise to this varied gastronomic offer in constant evolution but at the same time true to its origins.

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Why buy an apartment if I can afford a villa?

Currently there is a wide range of newly built villas along the northern coast of Murcia and south coast of Alicante. Developers changed the bungalow model from 25 years ago, for a model of construction that strives to offer functional and modern villas, fully equipped and with private pool at very affordable prices. From € 220,000 we can find independent or semi-detached villas that offer all the advantages of an independent house with plots ranging an average from 100m2. On the other hand we find a parallel offer of apartments from the same price that can make us ask ourselves the question of

– Why buy an apartment if I can afford a villa for the same price? –

Hereafter we offer you our point of view and the reasons why an apartment could be the best option.

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